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Arsenal captains for the "rifle" Royce off the Tencent sports news on a home game against Norwich, Snapbacks for sale Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is a very special day. Time flies, the professor before this war has led Arsenal to play a staggering 899 games Ivanovic battle Arsenal legendary coach ushered coached 900 games milestone moment. Games gunmen captains ultimately failed to win the third, until a week later, the gunman was a victory for teaching officially celebrated.Good not afraid of late, but worth mentioning is the finale of the current round off war West Brom for Wenger also do not have a significance. Before this war, Wenger not only led his unit to complete the 900 games milestone has led the gunman played 599 Premier League game record: 346 wins, 150 level and 103 negative, the goal of 1131, losses of 560 a. Today over 600 World War I, 3 minutes hand locking the first three into the Champions League to a perfect ending! At a news conference after the game, low-key Wenger is not on their own to complete 600 Premier feat to make more comments, the professor mentioned this love Arsenal. "Very well, we finally achieved the third place, which means that no matter what happens we can continue to participate in the Champions League this season, we can see, no matter how difficult, we will do their utmost to to win, and we made some mistakes in the process of the entire season, but most importantly, every player has a strong heart, I am immensely proud of them! "then Wenger also spoke of the two focus of - Robin van Persie and Lukas Podolski, the former Arsenal manager said, renewal is not a problem. Ability to retain Robin I have only a word, the renewal is very simple, not difficult to leave him. "Then Wenger also talk about next season will represent the team played in the Germany striker Podolski:" this season I always want to Robin van Persie, he has scored 30 goals in the league, and I very much hope that the longer a player can do so well, this person came,Green Bay Packers he is Podolski, I am aware of his ability, he will certainly help to Arsenal, the new season, our goal task is no longer borne by Robin. "should be noted that the war is not only Wenger 600 Premier milestone moment, the same or the Assistant - Rice's farewell war. Rice, now already 63 years old, 42 years of life are spent at Arsenal.

March 17, 1949 Royce was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1966-Royce officially joined Arsenal until 1980. Return to Arsenal in 1984 after retirement, Rice worked so far, served as youth team coach, front-line positions as assistant coach, Frenchman Arsene Wenger's right-hand man over the years. Prior Royce has announced it will officially retire after the end of the season, the field-off battle West Brom, the 63-year-old final battle at Arsenal. The field the whole process, Rice, as always, and Wenger sit side by side together is interesting that the second half Robin van Persie a waste of an opportunity, disappointed that Wenger simply like a little child the same can not help bashing Ru Laisi embrace.After the match Arsenal captains at the venue rice Uncle high toss to see him off as he affectionately. Later attended the press conference, Wenger also mentioned in particular the years since, friend and right hand man. "First of all, for the fact that he was about to leave, I feel very sorry for so many years he has been by my side as an assistant, he is a talkative, usually reticent, but every time he uttered the words thatis ringing and I am very pleased today use a victory to see him off, he is like a fighter, a heart real strong fighter,Cheap new era hats and will always be so. "

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