Miami home combat capability is very powerful, regular season home record of 28 wins and 5 losses, and Spurs tied for the league. Heat this season, all home games Win rate reached 60.9%, Heat 12 home in the playoffs nine times a Win, Win rate reached 75 percent, ranked first in all the teams.
Heat playoffs at home this year only lost two games is worth mentioning that two games, Bosh an absence, another has just come back. The third battle of the Eastern Conference semifinals, the Heat at home 75 to 78 loss to the Pacers , Chris Bosh did not play because of injury. 5 of the Eastern Conference finals, the Heat 90 to 94 lost to the Celtics , Bosh injury playing for the first time, came off the bench played only 14 minutes. In other words, these two Heat lose at home to Shu, the lineup are incomplete. When the Heat Big Three are on hold, the Heat lose only once in 10 home plate.
Finals Heat hold the first two at home. James in the fourth war injury leave, but was not seriously injured, but the leg cramps after the game, he also attended the press conference. From the current situation, James should continue to play the fifth. Conditioning properly, James is still in the fifth battle is expected to play a wonderful performance. Wade and Chris Bosh's status is also worth noting. Wade 4 capture 25 points in three consecutive games scoring 20 +, the Heat also won three straight. Bosch in the fifth war contributed 13 points and nine rebounds, and still provide a stable fire support for the team in the paint. It is worth mentioning is that the Chalmers in the fourth war broke out, contributed 25 points and three assists, and another role player Norris Cole flash in the pan, and contributed eight points.
Heat very strong performance in the last three games, even if the third war was behind by 17 points to win the next game. Thunder is too young, holding a 17 point lead and still lost. Westbrook the last minute mistakes. The young Thunder, although the talent is amazing, but mistakes in the game than Miami a lot more. In addition, the Thunder can not mobilize the combat effectiveness of the role players. The Thunder's lineup depth of the original than the Miami Heat better, but the Perkins ibaka , Collison , Sefuluosha, Fisher and other role players in the finals were much less than the first three rounds . Heat's role players Chalmers, Shane Battier , who often come forward to provide fire support for the Big Three.
Losing streak to three games, the Thunder soldiers, after all, the game of the Finals, no team can be completed in 1 to 3 backward reversal. Heat is now stable, the morale is booming, the fifth war Heat is playing at home, the Thunder is difficult to advantage.

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