Tencent sports news Beijing time on May 16, the Boston Celtics will be in tomorrow's challenges in the away Philadelphia 76ers ,Cheap snapbacks this is the third battle of the two teams the Eastern Conference semifinals, both teams total score 1-1 draw. Celtics Can out of the second battle lost to the haze, Rajon - Rondo's performance is the key. 76 postseason home unbeaten lineup depth is the tool for them to secure home.
The success or failure of the home game Aspect: green military challenge devil rely on Rondo
Celtic 1 point Hanfu in the second war, the game the Celtics played very stiff, moving the ball very bad. Rondo sent out 13 assists, but he was a bit in order to assists pass, brush out beautiful data at the same time but lost control of the game. The high morale of the Big Three but the candidate of the old state, more than ever need to transport artillery shells Rondo. Rondo needs to make better use of the restricted area and then cut into the attack to contain the defense to catch shots of the Big Three in the uncomfortable position, which is the key to the Celtics ability to rebound. 76 home playoff wins of the season unbeaten, tomorrow's race will be 76 people playing at home for the first time since 2003, the Eastern Conference semifinals, I must mention the home-court advantage. 76 compared with the Celtics lack of experience, but their tenacity did not lose the green army, excellent depth of the lineup so that they Sike in the high-intensity confrontation with the Celtics.
Star showdown: Kevin Garnett PK Andre Iguodala
Rejuvenated Garnett in the Eastern Conference semifinal opener scored 29 points and 11 rebounds, despite the Second World War and the first three quarters to play poorly, but was given 11 points in the fourth quarter,Oakland Athletics but unfortunately the last minute offensive foul throw away victory fruit. Garnett goes without saying that the importance of the Celtics Garnett whether in the field, the quality of offense and defense of the Celtics two grades. Andre - Andre Iguodala in the Eastern Conference semifinals, shows his all-round, averaging 16 points, six rebounds, 6.5 assists and 1.5 steals per game, his defense is particularly impressive, so - Paul Pierce 20 of the series before the two games, shot just 5.
Staged reversal in section IV in the opener of the Eastern Conference semifinals, the Celtics trailed by 10 points, Rondo successful implementation of the catch in the game at the last minute tactics, to preserve the Celtics to 92-91 win over the 76ers . The second war, in the end of the first three quarters the Celtics 8 points behind Kevin Garnett led the Celtics to a large counter-offensive was to see the dawn of the comeback in the fourth quarter, persevering, a critical moment Garnett offensive foul, the Celtics The last-minute 81-82 loss to 76 people lost wins fruit.
Focus statement: Raytheon radio said 76 people home is not terrible
"Playing in their home and really have little impact," - Ray Allen said, "The problem is how we handle the game, and how we play better united than the second war."
Milestone data: Garnett is expected to refresh the playoffs, defensive rebounds list
Garnett just grabbed seven defensive rebounds, you can go beyond this - Wallace himself in the NBA playoff history defensive rebounds standings to 14.
Projected starting
Celtics: Kevin Garnett, Brandon - Bass , Pierce , Avery - Bradley, Lang
76: Spencer - Spencer Hawes, Elton - Elton Brand , Andre Iguodala,New era snapbacks wholesale Evan - Turner, Zhu - Huo Ledi

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