Tencent sports news Beijing May 21, the NBA playoffs continue,Cheap hats the Clippers home game against the Spurs, the fourth game of the series. Final Clippers 99-102 loss to the Spurs swept the end of this season's journey. Review this season, Blackburn - Griffin's performance is still very good. Of course, in the playoffs, which some of Griffin's weaknesses are exposed, but if he can be improved, then the future is still unlimited -

Category: SportsNew features to enlarge For this game, the Clippers all know and have been out on a limb. So we can see that this lens: 2 minutes 20 seconds left in the first half, Griffin actively defense the Spurs pick and roll, the results of mouth hit Ginobili's shoulder on the left, when the outflow of the blood. After the referee stopped the game, Griffin, the presence of hemostatic treatment immediately after back to the locker room for treatment. But in this match, Griffin, slightly fewer than FireWire, section III, after his stitches to close a medical tape to re-debut, the site of the Clippers fans to send him a thunderous applause.

In the beginning of the season, the Clippers coach Negro told Griffin to the Duncan study more. From this series, Griffin does have a lot to learn to Duncan. Today, however, Griffin also Duncan in front of imposing one.New era snapbacks Section III to 7 minutes and 28 seconds, Griffin cut from the middle received a pass from Paul, this time the Spurs central defense exposed the gap, Griffin continued momentum stepping on the free-throw line, leaping high, this time over Duncan fill anti - has been a bit late, Griffin air an let the body obstinately separated by the Duncan to complete the with one hand dunks. Griffin completed the dunk would have stood on the sidelines Spurs coach Gregg Popovich had to return to the bench and sat down.

In fact, section III, the first half of Griffin played very beautiful section of the beginning of his once classic and Paul co-ordination. Was Gelifenla outside to pick and rolls to Paul, Paul, go to the top of the arc direction, while the Griffin to the basket along, Paul eye grassland to send the attack to pass, Griffin the ball easily and result in the layup fouled. After the in the scored of the ball, Griffin is not towards with the right hand index finger pointed to the Paul. The middle section, Griffin also pick Foye passing attack in Split who complete the three-point play. But, regrettably, Griffin did not can help the the team to victory, they finally scored a the second round of, but it was brutally Spurs to swept across.

For Griffin, this series to his weaknesses fully exposed, will not be defensive, not to vote, not to fight back. Of course, the If the these things Griffin Du possess, then he on the invincible a. But he was still young, after all, this is the second season of his real combat.Monster Energy Training pertinent hard to believe that Griffin's future is bright! In addition, the need to learn a low profile, do not shout empty City "slogan.

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