London Olympics approaching,NBA Snapbacks as the tourists arrived in London on the first leg of the Heathrow Airport but does not bring tourists feel at home, on the contrary, a landing clearance must face a long queue so that visitors infected with a hint of irritable mood. British Parliament, warned not to let the British because of the world's third largest airport and Excise team a laughing stock.

  The foreign media reports published this morning, today is the day of the London Olympics athletes village to open the village. Heathrow airport vowed that they are ready, but this commitment seems valid only for athletes, Heathrow Airport distinguish between Olympic athletes and visitors to the Olympic athletes can enjoy the complete set from the floor to the bus service, ordinary visitors must continue long lines, no end in sight.

  Overcrowding on ordinary 4,000 ranked brigade entry hall

  Airport reception capacity of the UK Border spokesman told during the Olympic Games is full of confidence, we are well prepared for the Olympic Games the peak of that time we also will have been rehearsing a good solution to put into practice. "

  But this is not true, the BBC said the Ministry of the Interior to provide a good service, not only for the Olympics athletes and the staff should also provide the same service as ordinary travelers.

  "Do not here when the baggage station." An ordinary passenger, said in an interview with The Washington Post "interview. "Daily Telegraph" said that the front row of passengers in the arrivals hall from the over 800 m long lines, they actually waited two and a half hours. And the staff's attitude was not good, they do not care about the requirements of the passengers.

  About 4,000 people in the queue was a chaotic scene began to take pictures,Boston Red Sox Snapback Hats staff were also prevented from taking pictures of tourists. Staff dressed in volunteer clothing but then ordinary passenger lukewarm, it seems only waiting for a special reception athletes.

  In addition to waiting for the immigration officers too much, there is due to security considerations, affecting the speed of entry. According to The Observer newspaper said, because of the Olympics, ordinary passenger transit inspection level increases. Britain has been located in the preferred list of countries of the terrorist attacks, the successful Olympic bid the next day the big bang of the London Underground, a series of riots took place last summer. Therefore, London has raised the level of security, after World War II, the largest investment in safety.

  A return from Italy, the British businessman said on June 29, the queue entry time more than two hours, he arrived at 8:30 am until 11:00 a smooth customs clearance, "I have never seen such a scenario, the remaining less than a month's time from the opening of the Olympics, the airport feel ready, then the actual situation that this is not enough, because it is not yet the busiest time. "

  Heathrow airport operator British Airport Management Company (BAA) is expected to handle the travelers of the EU countries, immigration procedures require 25 minutes, non-EU countries need 45 minutes, they acknowledge, this appears far beyond the expected.

  By the European debt crisis, border security, a shortage of manpower

  "Metro," said the European debt crisis, leaving them worse if security problems are inevitable. Can be seen at Heathrow Airport, two-thirds of the counter unattended. UK Border Agency announced earlier, because of lack of funds, they can not open all the exit channels. Government to implement the reduction in manpower expenditure plans Kong's 4500 staff, only about half of the trained, many people can only do some simple work.

  The Chairman of the British Council for Cultural Affairs, MP John · Weitingdaier, issue a warning, "the face of the huge passenger flow that may occur during the Olympic Games, the authorities did not fully prepared." He worried that if the visitors lined up a few hours team, who would dare to come to London? In fact, not just people lined up John Weitingdaier said: "As the airport is very busy, and many planes or no place for landing only hovering in the air or on the ground stop was a mess."

  "Daily Mail" in the next two weeks, there will be 1000 all over the world athletes came to the United Kingdom, and during the Olympic Games is also a lot of families go out to a good time to travel, which gave Heathrow Airport immigration inspection system has brought a lot of pressure.

  Battle for athletes to improve the efficiency of 1000 volunteers

  Compared with ordinary passengers to enjoy the treatment of athletes let them save a lot of heart. Heathrow recruited 1000 Olympic Games volunteers, wearing a pink volunteer clothing, and help athletes to deal with large luggage, including a variety of training equipment. Hundreds of immigration officials at the airport office, alleviate queues phenomenon.

  The VIP buses are waiting at the airport, directly to the athletes and coaches to the athletes' village. Peter Nicholas is one of the volunteers of the Heathrow Airport, from 4:30, he began to work, he has helped the Swedish Olympic delegation smooth entry.

  The luggage is most worried about the problem of athletes. General yachtsman will take two to three sailing race, the U.S. team with nearly 60 sailing came to London.

  According to the Washington Post said the U.S. rowing coach Kenneth Anderson and his 16-person rowing Olympic team arrived at Heathrow airport, although there are a large part of the luggage and go to sea, there are still a lot of baggage need to bring the aircraft.

  UK time on July 16, the day of the athletes' village opened Village, Heathrow Airport is destined to usher in a final exam.

  The Associated Press reported that Nick Branch, Heathrow Airport Olympic project leader,New era snapbacks wholesalesaid: We are looking forward to Monday ushered in a lot of athletes and luggage, Monday is our first show. Heathrow usual day to usher in the 100000-110000 visitors Monday welcomed 120,000 visitors, many of which are Olympic VIPs another round of tourist peak London time, on July 25.

  The countermeasures worse couple rushed into the cause anti-terrorism security risks

  Heathrow Airport, said the increase in the arrivals hall of Heathrow Airport, from July 15, 72 staff, service personnel responsible for transit to work a total of 535 people. According to British media broke the news, more customs officers seem to be helping the more busy these additional novice not only failed to reduce the queuing time, but in a London Olympic Games security risks.

  According to the Guardian, the British immigration oversight body to issue a warning that these staff do not have the immigrant experience, and only received basic training, or already retired staff again called back to work.

  Reported that staff often take longer to deal with each transit personnel, and they usually do not ask some of the more pointed question, which makes the process more slowly.

  "Metro," said Customs officers have no experience has repeatedly missed by the British Home Office and the Military Intelligence column on the watch list of suspicious persons. According to Britain's Sky television reported, a border official said the security vulnerabilities since other departments temporary redeployment of staff, they have omitted the necessary security procedures.

  "The Observer", anonymity, a senior Customs officers said this month, at least from the omission of the events of the terror suspects. He said that the new staff do not have enough time to accept how to deal with the training of terrorists, their average training time is only 6-8 weeks.

  British media comments that the arrangement of the Heathrow Airport border guards to be more flexible, and establishment of the relevant control center, avoid queuing team further extended.

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