Lee Chong Wei ankle injury and withdrew coach exposure will withdraw from the Thomas Cup - Wholesale snapbacks-Benefit the fast shipping and large discount 
Tencent sports news Beijing May 22, 2012 Dongfeng Citroen Thomas Cup Badminton Men's Team in Wuhan,snapbacks hats China, the athletic field, in the group stage match between Malaysia and Denmark, strong competition for C group head, the first disk Malaysian world number one Lee Chong Wei against the Danish veteran Peter Gade, the game has just begun soon Lee Chong Wei accidentally severely sprained foot, stretcher carried off the field. Lee Chong Wei may be a premonition to the injury is not a light treatment during the eye socket would have been rosy, Sidek to confirm the Thomas Cup journey in Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia coach scrapped, will affect London Olympics is still unknown.

Thomas Cup Group C Malaysia and Denmark have been locked in advance to quarterfinals, but did not dare to relax, but also top the group Si Pin, according to the rules, the group first 1/4 final draw against each group, if you can not lock The group may be experienced teams in advance. The first singles of the first set of powerful collision, Malaysia sent world number one Lee Chong Wei,Minnesota Timberwolves Denmark team is played by the evergreen Peter Gade. Lee Chong Wei and Peter Gade in the past 17 games against Lee Chong Wei made a staggering 16 wins and 1 play specifically Kegai De Lee Chong Wei was promising to win.

The game has just begun, Lee Chong Wei 2 to 1 lead, this time in Malaysia a brother in difficult to treat small backcourt ball accidentally sprained his right ankle, the pain his face is very painful. Lee Chong Wei has accepted the sidelines medical doctor and did not let him get rid of the pain is not a light, evidently hurt, swollen feet Obviously, Lee Chong Wei has been rosy eye socket. Malaysia coach is hoped to Harmony do the gesture of a substitution, but the game has already begun can not let Malaysia substitutions, Lee Chong Wei only to retire, so that the first set, judges determine the Malaysian team lost the first one. Lee Chong Wei even if the injury is heavy, still reluctantly, and Gade handshake, filling the gentleman.

Lee Chong Wei is a very serious ankle swelling, a bulge deformation life and breaking in the past! Lee Chong Wei was loaded onto a stretcher, ready rushed to hospital, but eased Apply an ice pack after the injury, Lee Chong Wei can occasionally take a look at the phone, there is no rushed to the hospital. Specific injuries did not reach, would not affect the London Olympics, but also further diagnosis. It is worth mentioning is Lee Chong Wei is the beginning of the season, the All England final and lindane battle once, because the injuries to exit, resulting in three consecutive Broken Dreams, the time he retired from the race because of a shoulder injury.

After the game coach Sidek of Malaysia in an interview with Tencent sports reporter said: "Lee Chong Wei's injury is very serious, certainly can not play the Thomas Cup, which a great impact on the team,New era snapbacks wholesalehope the team in order to continue along this road is very slim. "

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