The final whistle, Henk ten Cate again and went straight back to the lounge, Cheap hats which has become his habit after losing some of his bent figure, Taishan team players look dejected filling confused. After the game, immediately rumors that Henk ten Cate has been expressed to the super's intention to resign, but the super high-rise immediately denied.

  When all the players walked into the lounge, Henk ten Cate was a man standing in the hallway, breathing smoking a cigarette, cigarette smoke, his wrinkled tight brow seems to have hit several fold. "The game we play bad, I feel ashamed." After the game the game, Henk ten Cate low tone, a look of decadence. The game although he began to only use the old players, young players only Wang Tong , Liu Yang and Geng Xiaofeng into the starting, but do not follow the common sense out of Dutch squad to "Qian Kun Da Nuo" many players not previously familiar with the location of TEDA team scored the first goal, Henk ten Cate begin to correct the "wrong", he loudly urged Binbin and Ma Xingyu quickly for a good equipment,San Francisco Giants play as soon as possible, but at this time, TEDA team scored the second goal, followed by left half Binbin replace Liu Jindong the functional Ma Xingyu replaced Liu Yang featuring midfielder Zheng Zheng back to the familiar left guard position. Taishan team back on track. But it was too late, the next game, Henk ten Cate has been sitting on the bench, never got up, he knew the hopeless situation.

  "The game we play badly, do not lose at the lack of experience, because we have a lot of old players in the field." Henk ten Cate was very aware that "youth crisis" is not an excuse for losing, "Tianjin team played not good, not many scoring opportunities they created, just too easy to let them score a clean sheet incredible, the other player for over two defensive players, but also put the ball calmly reached the region of the threat; second clean sheet but also shame, our defense team does not man-mark, let the other players easily pass our defense is so bad, I do not find reasons to lose. "

  Henk ten Cate continuous with the "shame" from responsibility. At the same time, a rumor began to spread: Henk ten Cate to the Luneng express intention to resign. Is this true? Club executive vice president Han Gongzheng in the early morning of the 12th to be denied, "It is now 12:00, I told Sunzong (Sun Guoyu) has been together with Henk ten Cate, he did not express this meaning to us." Said Han Gongzheng "Now, we have yet to eat from the end of the game, back to the hotel, we analyze the team's situation, on the next team how to do that, foreign aid should be adjusted in the opening brief meeting a little later, Henk ten Cate will find some of the players to communicate now the situation is far from ideal, New era hats wholesale everyone's mind in solving problems, which have other ideas? Henk ten Cate to resign, how is this possible! "

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