With the Kazakhstan Ministry of Information Culture, the Chinese Ministry of Culture, China's State Archives hosted numerous departments and Kazakhstan hosted the "Silk Road - China Silk Art" exhibition on the 17th started in Almaty, Kazakhstan, National City, Kasteyev Art Museum, Chinese Consul General Sun Linjiang Almaty, Kazakhstan, Almaty, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office Deputy Director Kunayev, Kazakhstan Artists Association Chairman Wu Moer Bekov, nearly 200 to all areas of life took part in Kazakhstan identical trip to the opening ceremony.
Sun Linjiang Consul-General in his speech remarked that Kazakhstan is a vital region about the ancient Silk Road, China and Kazakhstan 18-19 century silk trade was flourishing. He hoped that the exhibition of silk to leave a great impression within the audience of Kazakhstan.
Kunayev declared the ancient silk isn't only the cultural heritage coming from all mankind, but also a symbol of friendship between your two countries and Kazakhstan. As part of his view, the exhibition will further improve the Kazakh people's idea of Chinese culture.
Around 5-3 century BC, Chinese silk, the road throughout the Mongolian Plateau, crossing the Altai Mountains, over the Junggar Basin, come to today's Kazakhstan. This the famous "Silk Road" between China and Kazakhstan became a bridge of friendship and trade.
The silk, the exhibition will be the focus of Sino-Kazakh cultural cooperation projects, has previously exhibited inside Kazakh capital of Astana month, was warmly welcomed with the residents.
An overall of 145 exhibits the exhibition, throughout the physical, models, drawings and narrative form, described in depth towards the audience erosion from your own home towards the workers and reeling silk mulberry silk fabric from the entire process. The exhibition through reproductions and contemporary good reputation for China silk, silk dress displayed fine Chinese silk background and culture. Based on reports, the exhibition floor, a substantial silk flower machine kind is China Silk Museum, the first time in overseas exhibitions. In addition, the exhibition also shows China's first historical archives in the Qing Dynasty China and Kazakhstan to use the silk trade between the two places the precious artifacts to prove the folks of the Sino-Kazakh friendly exchanges involving the two historical origins.
A good good reputation for Chinese silk culture, as well as exquisite silk products for your local audience amazed. An exclusive vacation to come look at the artist's first exhibition Marina constantly use their cameras recorded every silk boutique, she told reporters that China's silk is actually so beautiful, and I derive a great deal of artistic inspiration.
It really is reported this exhibition are going to be displayed first month in Almaty. The exhibition would be the friendship involving the two peoples and Kazakhstan tied a colorful wreath.

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