Tencent Sports News Beijing June 11, according to "gmanetwork" message, Durant and James, in the finals confront each other, since 1997, Jordan and Karl - after Malone ( microblogging ) , the first time in scoring and The regular season MVP in the finals in the fierce battle, the third time in nine years NBA finals, this time LeBron to prepare well to win the O'Brien Cup.
To the Heat and Dwyane Wade , Chris Bosh ( microblogging ever since the summer of 2010 ) to form the moment of the Big Three, James has already done the preparation to win the ultimate honor, last summer, the Heat, they met in the finals in calf strong blocking, and ultimately defeated, count Knight Finals suffered in 2007 swept the Spurs , James has twice missed the championship, which he in turn on the ultimate goal attack.
Emperor field in this season's regular season, you can get 27.6 points, 7.2 rebounds and 6.9 assists to lead Miami to play a stable record to the playoffs, James is the responsibility back in his own body, he averaged to contribute 30.8 points, 9.8 rebounds and mainstream data once again increased by one level, and now, LeBron and the Heat from the final championship short of four wins. "We look forward to the next challenge." James said firmly, "is now only one step."
LeBron in the Finals to face the opponent is sturdy Thunder in the playoffs, Oklahoma has demonstrated great strength and toughness, they eliminated the Mavericks in the West, the Lakers and Spurs, while the three they step on the foot of the team is the past decade rule of the western king, in the regular season, the Heat and Thunder win game, but taking into account the Thunder on the overall record is better than Miami. So they will get home advantage, the Heat will be the test.
James and Durant, which is a new era of two superstar showdown since 1997 Marlon Jordan PK, before the NBA ( microblogging ), never appeared in scoring and regular season MVP in the Finals the scene of the encounter, which, when two great players meet again, will surely will inspire a new spark.
Outside of Thunder In addition to scoring Durant, Westbrook , the best sixth man James - Harden, blocked shots ibaka ( microblogging ) and other assistants, the Heat may also choose this sword easy road to meet the challenge. Bosh may continue as the replacement. "Who is the first or who is going to end the game, it does not matter." James said, "Harden did not start, but he was always able to stay on the floor at the last moment, need to see how the combination of the most efficient, this is the fundamental . "

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