Morning News (Reporter Tong Yang) as the iconic star of the basketball Liaoning,Cheap snapbacks Zhang P the Liaoshen fans, which undoubtedly has a high popularity. Do you have what words want right zhangqingpeng that? Do you have any questions to ask zhangqingpeng? Do you have what blessing to zhangqingpeng? Today, the opportunity came. Tomorrow, Zhang P will appear on the newspaper, meet friends and fans. Today, the newspaper will select 30 winners to participate in tomorrow's guest activities, close contact with the idol star.

Ten candidate feel extremely proud

2001 into Liaolan first team zhangqingpeng, can be described as the new century is a true athlete. In addition to the 2010-2011 season on loan at the men's basketball Xinjiang year, Zhang P in the Liaoning team played the entire decade. For him, this decade joy bitter sweat, there are tears.

Top 10 Athletes of Liaoning in the new century, the "selected" event, Zhang P has become one of the candidates. Although he was elected most valuable player in CBA won the CBA All-Star votes Wang also won the Asian Games champion, but in his view, has emerged as the candidate from the strong talent Liaoning Sports army, this is undoubtedly a the supreme compliment. "This is my 10-year career, a Qing-Peng Zhang said," If eventually be elected, it would be a precious honor of my life. "

Tomorrow, fans interactive display of billiards skills

Not selected for the new national team, but in Shenyang zhangqingpeng not idle, in addition to day two in the daily practice, ushered in the presence of a tough guy will never admit defeat on the pitch, the most important in life moment.

In the CBA All-Star game last year, Zhang P site to his girlfriend, this scene has touched countless fans. Recently, rumors about his wedding in May 10 has been. Though he himself has repeatedly said that a date yet to be determined, but it has become a hot topic in the fans. The wedding day whether it is not this day? In addition, after the Chinese men's basketball announced the list, Zhang P among them, but the final training was less of his shadow. Which occurred in misfortune? These problems, eleven questions to zhangqingpeng waiting for the fans.

Guest for tomorrow's activities, Peng Zhang very much looking forward, he also encouraged everyone to do more to prepare questions, fans questions could be slightly larger scale, it relates to personal privacy and family, we try not to ask. "in the active site, the problem is wonderful, clever fans will also receive zhangqingpeng I autographed shoes and jersey, which is a rare prize.

Tomorrow's activity site, fans will be fortunate enough to glimpse zhangqingpeng "cross-border performance.New era hats wholesale Accustomed to hand-shot basketball Zhang P, Billiards effort to this end, our specially invited a mysterious Billiards master went to the site, to a contest with zhangqingpeng.

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