The RUTHERFORD News Beijing July 18, although not yet officially announced, but the Knicks give up the match Jeremy Lin, the contract seems to have been no two ways about that. The New York Times reporter Howard - Baker by a question and answer, explain in detail the Knicks Why give up Jeremy Lin, a high luxury tax the ultimate scare in New York.

Q: Jeremy Lin is a player the Knicks over the past 10 years the most enjoyable, and why they let him go?

Baker: The answer is simple, and that is money. Jeremy Lin and the Rockets signed contract is a three-year, $ 25.1 million, from the surface, this is not much of a problem. But if the Knicks want to match, Jeremy Lin first three years of salary will reach $ 14.9 million, when the team will pay more than $ 35 million luxury tax. In other words, coupled with the salary, the Knicks for the single player is necessary to pay $ 50 million, and to Jeremy Lin on the season is only starting 25 games.

Q: why a player can increase so much luxury tax?

Baker: This is not Lin Hao. Because in 2014, Anthony salary 24.4 million, Stoudemire salary of 14.6 million of 23.4 million,Snapbacks wholesale there are Chandler , Lin Hao, only the team's luxury tax pressure becomes greater. Under the new collective bargaining agreement, if more than the luxury tax threshold for each $ 5,000,000 luxury tax penalties will increase by one level.

Q: Knicks why and Jeremy Lin in advance to renew?

Baker: mid-season, the Knicks are not allowed to contract with Jeremy Lin's. Wait until Jeremy Lin to become a restricted free agent, the Knicks could provide him with an annual salary of about $ 5,000,000 of long-term contract. Other teams with cap space can be thought LinShuHao larger contract. As Jeremy Lin, of course he will go to test the free agent market, the pursuit of the maximum contract.

Q: Jeremy Lin is to leave the Knicks?

Baker: No, Jeremy Lin has never said he wanted to leave New York.NBA Snapbacks Jeremy Lin just to maximize their own contract, while other teams are willing to provide such a big contract. This is the commercial operation of the NBA .

Q: The Knicks had made ​​it clear that the match Jeremy Lin's contract last week, Woodson also said Jeremy Lin will be the starting Kidd as a substitute. Now, the thing in the end what happens to it?

Baker: Woodson speech, Jeremy Lin and rocket contract or three years $ 1 950, so Jeremy Lin 3-year contract is 9.3 million. But since then, the Rockets for Jeremy Lin fare increase to 25.1 million in three years, Jeremy Lin 's annual salary water rose to 14.9 million, which means that the rocket extra to pay a luxury tax of 16.25 million, plus more salary, a total of 21.25 million. The reason for this is where things change.

Q: rocket why such a large contract to Jeremy Lin?

Baker: The Rockets general manager Daryl Morey than any other team pay more attention to Jeremy Lin. In the past two weeks, the rocket off the lorry and Dragic , they are a starting point guard. In addition, the Rockets hope to borrow LinShuHao,New York Mets Snapback Hats can its value in the Chinese market. 

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