Away boats when the Spurs two weeks ago,New era snapbacks when a maximum of 24 points behind but still easily won the victory, more and more people after the game was shocking to. They began to ask: this team is impossible to lose? When they won seven in a row in the playoffs.

Casino in Las Vegas, then out of the Handicap: "The Spurs won the championship undefeated what?" A lot of people are shaking his head to laugh, NBA history from the ball team to do such a thing - but along with the Spurs all the way to expand the playoff winning streak to 10 games, there have been people began to bet the playoffs 16-game winning streak, 26 game winning streak last season, became many people on their expectations.

"From no NBA team in the playoffs unbeaten, but they are like an extremely balanced team, so that you can not help think, now there is no configuration of any team can beat them." ESPN, of JA Adande so sighs, and countless fans, the reading team numerous experts now the Spurs have also been conquered.

In NBA history, two teams have lost only once in a playoff game: 2001 Lakers 15 wins and 1; 1983 Philadelphia 76ers 12 wins and 1 - to complete unbeaten playoffs, was regarded as impossible task.

13 years ago, Phil Jackson once evaluation of the lockout-shortened season the Spurs won the 1999 championship is the one marked with an asterisk championship, even though the Spurs in the year to play 12-game winning streak the longest in playoff history Jackson speech quite repeated disrespect mean; but the passage of time, when the Spurs once again shrink the state brave season, the world changed for their evaluation: "completely swept in the playoffs, this achievements will be written at the top of the entire history of the NBA. "Adande views represent the majority view,Chicago Bulls Snapback Hats because the Spurs have used their performance, winning the respect of the world.

During the playoffs, the Spurs games, averaging 104.1 points ranked first, scoring margin of 12.5 points per game ranked first, while shooting 49.4 percent, 41.3 percent of three-hit rate, the team assists and 24.2 times ... all these and offensive the figures without exception, all the top ranking among the princes of the playoffs 16. "They are very reasonable to move the ball from a few to make any step the excess dribble, as long as teammates in space, the ball must be reached in the first time." Thunder coach Scott Brooks is so convincing that .

Power increasingly play team basketball to the extreme, San Antonio has many fans as the new representative of the "beautiful basketball, more and more teams began to collect the star, the aggressive pursuit of heroism, only the performances of the San Antonio Spurs to describe, it seems to show the world basketball primitive beauty, or use the words of the Adande: "every player of them, seem to exist in order to make the team more perfect."

In the 2011-12 season, the lockout-shortened season inside injuries frequent players tired, ugly game scene, the league average score decline, almost all things are contrary to the direction of development and basketball should. Spurs will thus become the darkness and chaos among the only light.

"Perhaps, indeed which team has remained unbeaten in the playoffs,Montreal Expos but no team like the Spurs are so many blessings." Adande're right, the San Antonio Spurs basketball in 2012 no longer belongs only to the Spurs fans, but it belongs to all basketball fans.

So, when Kawa Yi Leonard Spurs young man said "we have to win six games", they have received support beyond their own imagination. Undefeated to win, why not?

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