Female high jump champion probably will miss the Olympic Games had just under world record 1CM - Wholesale snapbacks-Benefit the fast shipping and large discount 
BRUSSELS, May 23 (Reuters) (reporter Wang Huan Ying), according to local media reported on the 23rd,snapbacks hats the Croatian women's high jump champion Blanca Vladimir marveled recently said that old wounds troubled by their left foot, she still can not be determined can whether to participate in the London Olympics .

This season and to participate in the London Olympics (for me) is uncertain, which is unfortunate, but I have to be realistic, "said Vladimir marveled.

"I (now) will not give up London (Olympics), but I will not take the risk (competition). I am very understanding of their physical condition, and when to go to the Olympics, I'll know I is not ready Well, "Mathieu told the media that marveled in his hometown.

Vladimir marveled in January of this year in Sweden, accepted the arthroscopic surgery on his left Achilles tendon and then gradually resume training. However, due to still feeling the pain of constantly April in Croatia, a second surgery.Dope Unexpectedly think her germ free after surgery, the wounds were infected, which makes her the opportunity to participate in the London Olympic Games increasingly slim.

Vladimir was born in 1983, marveled called one of the world's best women's high jump athletes in recent years. In 2007 to enter the ranks of the world's top players in this project. The year she participated in 19 outdoor competitions, only one did not win the championship. Track and Field World Championships held in Osaka, Japan the same year, she won the gold medal. 2 meters 05 results

At the Beijing Olympics was overshadowed by Vladimir marveled only get the silver medal, she was upset won the gold medal in the Belgian player Ai Lebo results, jumps 2 meters 05, but because she is the second trial jump jumps over this height, the final runner-up.

In 2009, Vladimir marveled defending at a score of 04 to 2 meters in the Berlin world championships. In Daegu, Korea in 2011 world championships, she and Russian star Qiqie Petrova are jumps over 2 m 03, but because the trial jump more often than opponents in the height and runner-up.

Vladimir marveled also won two indoor track and field world championships. She was elected in 2010, the IAAF annual Best Female Athlete.

In August 2009, the Zagreb Grand Prix, Vladimir marvelous score out of 08 2 m distance of 2 m 09 Kostadinova, Bulgarian champion at the 1987 world championships in Rome to create the world record just under 1 cm. Before the Daegu World Championships so far but lost the Olympic gold medal Croatian women's high jump talent in an interview with the French media, he said,New era snapbacks he would break the world record as the biggest goal of his career.

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