The RUTHERFORD News finale of this season at Anfield, Liverpool finally played since 2012,Cheap hats rare bloody 4-1 trouncing Chelsea lost for the weekend FA Cup final controversy revenge . Also completed a four-game winning streak against Chelsea in the league, this is the first time of the Premiership era Red Army .

Last season Liverpool home and away double play Chelsea at home rely on Torres scored two goals away the only goal of Meirelles, was placed under the arm. Talent in every generation the two Tu lion hero have to switch to Stamford Bridge, the Red Army or the new hero you can cheer, after the season, however Agnes break into a ball to open league goals account, bear the name of parallel imports Henderson scored the two goals of the season, the same open and Nova Chervy Liverpool league scoring the number of players up to 13 people, while the single-game, four goals in the same league this season, Liverpool new height.

Campaign victory over a rival, to make Liverpool have been avoided with a series of embarrassing record for the Anfield finale Ming Jin. 17 league games in 2012, Liverpool actually lost 10 games, the whole Premier League 20 is only slightly better than the vice squad the Wolves have been demoted , if not the last half has accumulated some capital, the former overlord of England even 9 (before ranking) is also not hold.

The campaign is the sixth home win of the Liverpool League All Seasons. The first 18 home games, Kenny Dalglish's team total of only 20 goals, averaging 1.1 ball, which is the worst since 1904, Liverpool at home scoring record.Milwaukee Brewers Goals less naturally difficult to win, if not the current round of Chelsea rotation more than the main to meet the job the Red Army may create wins since 1949 63 years since the worst home record in five games.

Liverpool continuous column has created a record of England, luck is indeed enough to back, or even a penalty not enter has become the norm. 12 yards before halftime Downing surgeon missed, is the 5th Liverpool this season, the league lost a penalty, which set a team record Premier League single-season after the 1998-99 season, lost on penalties - this season, Arsenal has not won a penalty, is strange that Liverpool so squandered by nature are rare.

Wembley last week, lost crown, torture Dalglish job to a solid by a large number, but in the locker room, " the king "or drew his men support, after all, his historical position in the club is far from DiMatteo in Chelsea comparable. The campaign united the Red Army soldiers with a victory, up handsome plead to the boss, Henry , you can brush the Champions League final team ball, and the coming year, the grand does it mean period be?

Overnight, Kenny Dalglish's team has created a number of history: Abramovich in the summer of 2003, your visit to Stamford Bridge, Chelsea never in the league opponent single-game scoring four ball and lost the game Ferguson, Wenger can not do up handsome opened the first of its kind. For two consecutive seasons of four games to beat Chelsea, it is 1972 after 74 years, Liverpool accomplish this feat for the first time.

Campaign victory can be said to be endless aftertaste, leaving a lot of doubt and regret for Liverpool: Carol earlier find state to join forces with Suarez swords, if the Red Army soldiers throws a few penalties, if Downing shot beam before the shot in the door frame 32 can be more than a few times to door drilled, perhaps Liverpool's season ending is not so bitter,Cheap new era hats the fate of Kenny Dalglish not labor outside so guess again and again. 

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