James Wade downturn excuse emperor: the fourth war must be - Wholesale snapbacks-Benefit the fast shipping and large discount 
RUTHERFORD, Beijing time on May 18,Cheap snapbacks Heat go away and the Pacers Eastern Conference semifinal games compete, and ultimately their 75-94 defeat opponents, with a total score was rewritten into a 1-2, after the game both players and coaches accept an interview, where James Wade downturn defended the emperor admits that the fourth war must be won

  In this round of the series, the Heat are obvious advantages to the outside world seems to cut Miami has become a foregone conclusion, but now Bosh after the injury, the situation also occurred significantly change this, James admits, In the playoffs, the term "advantage" does not work, each round to work on the women struggled to win before the next final victory, LeBron made ​​the promise, and the fourth war must be won!

  "This is the playoffs." James said, "There is no secret, there was no so-called advantages, here is the playoffs, you need to play the last minute to prepare, work hard for each round , no doubt, the fourth field is a must win game. "

  Wade to play in this game is extremely bleak, only two of 13 shots to get 5 points, Houston Rockets also to carry out the excuse: "This is not true, he asked him if he would like to play better? he is the world's best players. "

  In section III, a period of suspension, Wade was a fierce altercation occurred and coach Spoelstra Adams handsome after the game some explanation. "This kind of thing has happened." Spoelstra said, "This is part of the game is a kind of emotional expression, these exchanges during the season often happens, Dwyane has collaborated with me a long time, we should be concerned about the next game. "

  When reminded of the final whistle, the emperor immediately out of the arena and hope to be able to leave as soon as possible sadly, after the game, James has also made its own interpretation. "When you lose a game, you need to do is as soon as possible, forget about it, and then to focus on the next one." LeBron said, "They played very well, we have done on defense good enough, but there is no way to score. "

  Bosh injured the Heat in trouble campaign Battier and Pittman replace Haslem and Turiaf starting, and Wade, James and Chalmers, but set lineup in the regular season a total of only co-operation for nine minutes, Spoelstra also admitted, and now the team encountered difficulties than expected, but also complex. "All are arrayed on the desktop, everyone needs to be prepared."Cheap new era hats Sri Lankan commander said.

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