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Tencent sports news Beijing time on May 29, Cheap hats NBA official website "message, messages after the Lakers away from the playoffs, Gasol leave the hustle and bustle of the dust. Today there are rumors that Pau Gasol is willing to go to the Bulls play, but Sam - Smith, the official website of the experts of the future of Gasol, he said Gasol not only to the Bulls, and even may go to Miami .

The Lakers can not get the championship can be called a failure, so in the recent Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak made it clear that in the summer, the team will operate in the regular season are often surrounded by trade rumors Gasol bear the brunt of once again become the object of the Lakers abandoned. Gasol's current contract remaining $ 36 million for two years, he is about to turn 32 years old.

Pau Gasol in the inside of the playoffs this year, offensively poor, averaging only contribution for the Lakers 12.5 points for his career a new low. Gasol has complained this season, difficult to integrate into the team which, this season for me is more difficult in the face of home media, "Gasol said these words," I aspects to adapt to the new role which the team also need to play under the new tactical system,Boston Red Sox Snapback Hats and his teammates do a good job with the another aspect I would like to from time to time in the face of various trade rumors.

This is not the first time Gasol complained, before he even said he was just the team's third choice for Kobe Bryant and Bynum , he sacrificed a lot. And coach Mike Brown arrangements away from the basket, which brought great harm to his offensive efficiency.

As a result, Gasol leave the possibility of even greater!

Smith cited the six kinds of possible transactions on Gasol:

Lakers sent Gasol to get the bull's Boozer or Roll - Deng ;

Lakers send Gasol to get the Bucks Jennings, Drew - Drew Gooden, and Mbah a Moute ;

Lakers send Gasol to get the rocket Lori , Scola ;

The Lakers sent Gasol to get the Knights of Varejao , Tristan - Washington Redskins Thompson and the first round draft picks;

The Lakers sent Gasol + Ci Shiping , the Heat's Chris Bosh ;

The Lakers sent Gasol, 76 Andre Iguodala;

What the Lakers will choose what kind of transaction will Gasol sent away, yet hard to know, but you can be sure, the Lakers trading Gasol definitely need a big return, otherwise they will not easily shot.

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