Overwhelm the mortal enemy of the Real Barcelona , won the La Liga this season champion two ahead .Cheap snapbacks However, since the three seasons with the team gains joined the La Liga after the first La Liga crown, C Luo is very unhappy, and he was sent off for Bilbao 's Spanish international Xavi Martinez altercation with the conflict, C Luo made ​​the insulting gesture of the "umbrella" toward each other. "Aspen" said yesterday, C Luo suffer each other insults to retaliate in anger.

C Luo dancing shouting the Spanish champions

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The fuse of this thing, in fact, does not lie in the Real Madrid to celebrate the home in Bilbao, passion, and is responsible and Bilbao's Martinez. Was sent off after the game, Martinez felt referee favoritism Real. Because he thinks he is the unintentional handball, and the results accumulated two yellow cards sent off. Real Madrid midfielder Hedi La handball but the referee turned a blind eye to especially thank.

So after the game, witnessed the C Luo led by Real Madrid players celebrate Martinez anger erupted. He went to the floor, and facing the C Lo Hoi curse: "Son of a bitch, quick return to Madrid to celebrate the go. do not celebrate here, and do not provoke our fans here! "C Luo anger made ​​umbrellas "insulting gestures as answered. Martinez , however, with the Spanish team championship aspirations to the World Cup in South Africa , still Buyiburao C Luo quips: "I'm the world champion!" So far, C Luo only led Portugal rounded out the 2006 World Cup 4, 2004 European Cup runner-up, not the national team title, while the World Cup in South Africa is being Martinez, where the Spanish team out.

"World Sports" in the pro-Barcelona Catalan media opinion, C Luo because this insulting gestures have been punished, Luo C appears to be forced to retaliate. You know, 97/98 season, Barcelona players hot Ao Wani away to Real Madrid fans made ​​the same "umbrellas" gesture, the results suspended for two games. 06/07 season in the Champions League player Mark van Bommel, Bayern Real Madrid fans will be "umbrellas" gesture, but also suffered the suspended punishment.

Therefore, as long as the referee the matter included in the game report, or the Spanish Football League Disciplinary Committee to investigate, with reference to these two players penalized standard, C Luo probably will miss the next of the last two league matches. C Ronaldo top scorer behind the top of the Macy 2 ball, I am afraid this will be directly destroyed C Luo reelection to the hope of the league Golden Boot. However, in this matter, Tapias, vice president of Real Madrid is strongly defended the claim that C Lo was only in the hand finishing the sleeves. It is worth noting that Pepe last season, King's Cup final against Barcelona fans to make the gesture of umbrellas to escape the punishment,New era snapbacks C Luo this I do not know whether there teammate Pepe as good luck.

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