Who would have thought of the German team has always been good kick at home planted in the champions on.snapbacks hats Chairman of the Supervisory Board Hoeness after the game with emotion, when captain Ram lost the penalty of semi-final against Real Madrid shot the ball into the Neuer again saved Mata's shot, he felt that the champion has been beckoning to Bayern. Coach Jupp Heynckes after the game, however, admitted: "before the start of the penalty shoot me a bit of fear. Coach was worried, because when determining the list of penalties, fear of responsibility in the team, the mood quickly spread, I can not send some players tied to the penalty. "

Ji Mo Shuke roar refused to kick

Munich Daily disclosed the day before training, Bayern Muller a practice kick, but his goal after and was replaced immediately. Muller went to the sidelines after the end of the game in 120 minutes, then many Bayern players are reluctant to kick the penalty, the Ukrainian captain quarter Moshu Ke roar refused even despair. Muller quickly rushed forward and hope to wake up angrily and pushing his teammates. Quarter Moshu Ke has been looked down at the ground, no matter what Muller said, he just kept shaking his head. Before, Schweinsteiger also praised the Ukrainian experience, the team's full trust.

The coaching staff is statistical penalty shootout list of active applicants rare. Muller only Yili persuade Neuer penalty kick, the German goalkeeper had no objections. Neuer will soon move toward the goal when the assistant coach asked him one, the Neuer nodded, assistant then wrote his name on the list. Penalty shootout to 3 Neuer is towards the penalty teammates prompted many media therefore his penalty kick is a temporary decision,NRL Snapbacks in fact, the rules before the start of the penalty shootout to arrange The list of appearances.

Why was stupidly? Neuer explained after the game said: "I always thought he was the first four penalty kick, until his teammates went to the front, I realized that now it is my turn." Neuer done overnight, but this is Bayern launched into the final penalty. German media after the game unanimously praise the Neuer, and felt sorry for him. Bayern legend, former Belgium goalkeeper Pfaff said: "Neuer performance is very good, highly concentrated attention, he could do for goals conceded. Penalty shootout, Neuer take responsibility to complete the task. 1983 Bayern Munich and Thessaloniki PAOK UEFA Cup 1/16 final penalty shootout, Pfaff also stand on the penalty spot, but he was only until 10 appearances,New Era it is a last resort.

More painful than being Manchester United reversal

Champions League final penalty shoot-out, Alabama suspended Bayern penalty shootout first round of this season, the first two appearances, Franck Ribery also has limped Cross Diuguo penalty in the Champions League semi-final shoot, Robben just missed in overtime, Van Buyten, who do not want to wield the sword. If the penalty shootout of the six penalty points on the station will be a teenager Contento.

As the Champions League final ambassador, Brian Turner after the game criticized part of the Bayern players can not kick a penalty, "I am very sad and very disappointed, because these players has allowed just played did not take long, not yet fully warm-up open Olic went penalty kick, the goalkeeper should concentrate on defense the other shot, but had to stand on the penalty. every player should be enough men, regardless of how much he has exhausted, legs have been cramping, should be to assume responsibility, the ball fired into the goal penalty shootout failure on Saturday night and the failure of the Champions League final will be accompanied by all the players in my entire life. "

Hoeness after the game criticized the team: "Perhaps we do not have enough players to have in any case have the will to win. I did not see that as the year Yelei Metz players in the field, wait for them in the warm-up of the opponents on the hard bite the Champions League semi-final of the 2000-01 season, Yelei Metz knee surgery 12 days after you insist on playing them a leg. left in the second leg against Real Madrid scored the winning goal in the famous classic: "This game, you do not will feel the pain. "

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Chairman of the Board,New era snapbacks dinner also after the game with emotion: "in 1999 compared to the last moment by the United reversed this defeat more bitter, more cruel, more is not necessary. Perhaps the British did not understand how they would won, but that is football. "

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