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Tencent sports news Beijing time on May 7, 2012 Snooker World Championship into the final contest.Snapbacks for sale In the first stage of the competition, the two sides to expand the safety ball tug of war, took nearly four hours, the final O'Sullivan three Pobai eighth inning, smacked a single rod 141, which is leading to the Bureau of points 5-3.

O'Sullivan is the fourth rounded out the World Championship finals, the previous three, he is laughing to the end, won the championship. World championships, O'Sullivan cut the road to beat the grind king Ebdon, Kim left, "Williams, the Melbourne Machine" Robertson and Stevens, after a lapse of four years with the "pilot" Carter Carter has eliminated Mark - Davis , Trump, Jones and Maguire, highlights the impressive state meet in the final . The past two years, the two sides four encounters, O'Sullivan all win two players to the most recent clash in the 2011 strong snooker tournament, when the Rockets to a 335-245 defeat Carter.

The first game from the defensive to start the game for nearly 20 minutes, both sides did not score during the Carter made snooker a series of "Rocket" beautiful untied with O'Sullivan a bomb two libraries for shots mistakes, Carter started the scoring, however, only 11 points, Carter scored the basketball at the same time, a red ball went straight to the right side of the bottom bags, bad luck. O'Sullivan started one accept 61 points, see opportunities for the poor to choose defense. O'Sullivan had left Carter a long attack, but the latter did not kick in the each sporadic score, O'Sullivan 77-37 come out on top 1-0 lead, the Council points.

The second game, the two sides after a brief stalemate O'Sullivan began to get started straight into a combination of red + black ball, single rod accept 117 successful Pobai 2 121-1 win another one bureau, the bureau - 0 lead.

The third game, Carter, a defensive hit scattered red balls heap,Metal Mulishawhich adds difficulty to the defense of both sides. Chaos, Carter took the lead to get started, scored a red ball in the pocket start scoring sequence in a single shot blasted 85 points, Carter hit the black ball into sorry not Pobai, but his 85-0 win, would Bureau points chase 1-2.

The fourth game, the two sides of this Bureau is to start from the defense, Carter has done a nice snooker, O'Sullivan, a solution of the ball, would like to make a thin ball did not hit, sent off four minutes; After Carter is a defense, but "rocket" like divine intervention, for shots not only successful, but the solution into the bag to get a points can then O'Sullivan attack on the black ball is not scored. At this point, the table situation is more chaos, all the red balls are concentrated in the right side of the tables, the black ball is surrounded by. In the chaos, the two sides attempt to explode the red ball heap, each other sporadic score, Carter leading 51-14 and 58-24 win Bureau and intermission, Carter Bureau points chase 2-2 level.

The fifth game, O'Sullivan start defense is not in place, Carter was the first to get started into the red ball, then he continued to force a single shot scored 42 points after hitting the bottom of the red ball of pink ball thin, turn to the OSAGE Gilman started, he fight long Taiwan scored a red ball, then scored 52 points lower pole attack did not enter, but Carter had no chance, O'Sullivan started again, and 14 minutes after the lead to 66-42. Then the two sides into a defensive battle, O'Sullivan made a coffee ball, Carter chose to bomb three libraries for shots, though successful, left a chance to attack but to the "Rocket" O'Sullivan scored the yellow ball before making defense Ultimately, O'Sullivan came out on top, 86-42 win this Board, the Council points a 3-2 lead.

The sixth game, two players once again plunged into an arduous struggle to do more than snooker final Carter won 55-2, the Board points chase 3-3.

The seventh game, O'Sullivan start to get 14 points, and then select the defense, but Carter, an attack is not reached, the "Rocket" re-started ,17-0 after a single shot hit 90 points again Pobai to 107 - 0 win, in order to continue to lead the Bureau of points 4-3.

The eighth game, the O'Sullivan Xinxinbaopeng, one accept 141, single pole Pobai second to close the black ball to clear the table after 141-0 win, thus three Pobai, to 141 - 0 win this Board. This first stage cruised O'Sullivan 5-3 lead over Jimmy Carter.

Time started at 2:00 on the May 7, according to the game,Cheap new era hatsO'Sullivan and Carter in the second phase of the competition will be held GMT. 

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